I am Mama Radical, singer-songwriter currently living in Helsinki, Finland.

I make my own music and I'm also a singer in a band called Mamis!https://mamismusic.com

I'm working on the other fields of arts. I graduated from SNDO, School for new dance development, Amsterdam to become dancer-choreographer.

Music is my huge passion! Like with other arts, I don't have any specific genre I'd praise more than another. Music is about the current feeling, the mood you're in.

 My songs varies from more folky to more pop and from rock 'till reggae and what not.  There's a lot of material that's not out there yet and I'm looking forwards to make great collaborations to develop those songs and make a lots of new stuff too to get them out there for you all!

 My interest is to bring different art forms together to celebrate diversity of life and people, with a deep wish from my heart to bring hope and to be a part of the positive change we're making towards a more peaceful and happy existence to us all. 

In the mood, first digital distribution was released 1st of June 2017.

Second release is in Finnish, it's a song called Lennetään and it was published 19th of September  2017.

Third digital release Let's spread the message was published 3rd of November.

Bass: Radek Lov Da Punk

Solo guitar: Viktor Lepistö

Drums: Jani Heiskanen

Percussions, mixing & mastering: Ville Alajuuma

Vocals, melodica, guitar: Mama Radical


You can find out more info about who has accompanied me in the songs with music videos Links( You Tube) are provided in the Music pages.